JANUARY 26, 2024

Melbourne fans banned from entering F1 track post-GP

Spectators have been banned from being allowed on Melbourne's Formula 1 circuit after the chequered flag.

Australian GP 2023
© Alfa Romeo

In 2023, a worrying track invasion before the cars had even crossed the finish line at the end of the Australian GP occurred at Albert Park, sparking an FIA investigation.

The governing body chastised the race organisers and demanded that an official report be prepared to look into whether security measures were sufficient.

The event's operations manager Tom Mattram commented: We're certainly finding in the post-covid environment, we've got new and young fans that have come to the event and they're not quite understanding the unsafe nature and dangers they put themselves in when they undertake these types of things.

Therefore, at least while the FIA investigation is still underway, Melbourne has reacted by banning spectators from breaching the barriers even long after the chequered flag this year.

Decisions regarding patron access to the track at the conclusion of future races will be made at a later date, organisers confirmed in a statement.