JANUARY 26, 2024

Madrid layout to have F1's most extreme banking

Madrid's new Formula 1 circuit will include the most steeply banked corner on the entire calendar.

Valtteri Bottas, Dutch GP 2023
© Alfa Romeo

The new ten-year race deal from 2026 was announced this week, with officials insisting that it will not cost the taxpayer a cent - throwing a big dark cloud over the future of the existing Spanish GP in Barcelona.

When asked about the 100 percent private funding of the Madrid race, Barcelona politician David Escude told El Mundo Deportivo: I would be very surprised if it is really like that.

What is rumoured, however, is that Madrid is paying a massive EUR 60 million per-race fee to host Formula 1 - with promoters having big plans for a glitzy event.

Some of that money will be spent on novel innovations - like the plan for an extreme 30-degree banked corner, making Zandvoort's 19-degree banking seem mild.

The original Monza banking was a maximum of 38 degrees.

And there are still two or three other surprises to come with the circuit, Jarno Zafelli, boss of the Italian race circuit designer Dromo, told Marca sports newspaper.

He explained, for instance, that there are two short tunnels on the circuit.

And, referring to the extreme banking plans, he explained: "In the Valdebebas area, we will push the limits. We do not want to repeat elements from other circuits.

Madrid will have its own personality and the elements and areas it needs, Zafelli added, explaining that the promoters have secured plenty of land for the layout.

The fact of not being limited like in a city allowed us to seek those limits, he said. How much depends on the next phase and on F1, the FIA and everything else that is discussed during the final design.