JANUARY 26, 2024

Faenza-based F1 team company name now Racing Bulls

'Racing Bulls' may indeed be how Formula 1 fans come to refer to Red Bull's Faenza based team.

Yuki Tsunoda, Australian GP 2023
© Red Bull

Fans and journalists this week slammed the declared official new name for the re-branded Alpha Tauri outfit - Visa Cash App RB.

Even Dr Helmut Marko admitted it was a tongue twister, with rumours suggesting team insiders were already describing the team by its new acronym - V-CARB.

We have heard that Formula 1 bosses in London also had a bit of a headache with the planning renaming, Tobias Gruner, of Auto Motor und Sport, said.

According to our information, the naming process in the last few weeks took a little longer than originally planned until all concerns were resolved.

Red Bull is currently coy as to whether the 'RB' in the name refers to the team owner - energy drink Red Bull - or 'Racing Bulls'. The racingbulls.com domain redirects to visacashapprb.

But it now emerges that the specific company that controls the Faenza based team, formerly Alpha Tauri, has indeed been renamed not to Visa Cash App RB but 'Racing Bulls S.p.A'.

This is now reflected in the updated 2024 F1 entry list published by the FIA, with the 'company name' - as opposed to the 'team name' - listed as Racing Bulls S.p.A.

As for the 'chassis name', that is officially now listed as 'RB'.

It will be interesting to see whether Visa Cash App RB, which takes some getting used to, will catch on among TV commentators and written media, said Gruner.