FEBRUARY 1, 2024

Mick Schumacher keeps eye on active F1 driver market

Mick Schumacher sees signs ahead that his Formula 1 career is not yet over.

Mick Schumacher, Brazilian GP 2022
© Haas F1 Team / LAT

Since losing his Haas race seat for poor performance at the end of 2022, the 24-year-old has had to settle for the reserve role at Mercedes. This year, though, he will return to racing for Alpine in the Le Mans-centric WEC.

And the son of F1 legend Michael Schumacher thinks his chances of returning to the grid in 2025 are alive.

It could play into my hands that the driver market is already quite active and that it will continue to ramp up in the coming months, Mick told Sport Bild.

A lot will happen in that area, said the German. And there will not only be changes in the cockpits, but one or two drivers may also end their careers.

Schumacher also sees hope by looking at the categories immediately below F1.

There is currently no talent emerging from the junior categories, he said. Although it is clear that I won't get anything for free. I'm the one who has to deliver.

Schumacher said he hopes to remind F1 bosses this year that he is a racing driver who deserves to be at the very pinnacle of motor racing.

I know that I have the skills for it. I'm good enough, he insisted. "I showed that in Formula 4, Formula 3 and Formula 2.

The fact that I won races and championships is quickly forgotten. But I proved that I can also handle pressure in those classes. And Formula 1 isn't that different.

Schumacher admitted, however, that many - including those on social media - have already written him off. "But even if that is part of today's society, I think they're too hasty.

What I do a little differently than most drivers - and I probably got this from dad - is that I can lead a team in the right direction, Mick explained.

I am a team player who rallies people behind me. Sure, we drive alone on the track, but you win as a team. And not many people in Formula 1 have this mentality. I think that would be an advantage for many team bosses.