JANUARY 22, 2024

Andretti should have bought F1 team years ago

Michael Andretti should have bought a Formula 1 team "years ago", according to former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone.

United States GP 2023
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Despite having a highly successful US-based motor racing empire in many of the world's top categories, Andretti has been fighting an uphill battle to be welcomed to F1 as the sport's eleventh team.

My heart bleeds when I see how Formula 1 behaves towards my son, former McLaren driver Andretti's famous father Mario is quoted by the Swiss newspaper Blick.

Although Andretti's F1 aspirations have the backing of the governing FIA, the sport's commercial owner Liberty Media and the ten existing teams are opposed.

Michael Andretti says none of the teams have been open to the idea of selling.

Andretti should have bought a team years ago, Ecclestone is quoted as telling Blick's renowned Formula 1 journalist Roger Benoit. "Then they wouldn't have these problems now.

It's clear that the teams are fighting back.

Benoit argues that a glimmer of hope for Andretti could be the turmoil at Haas, but he also thinks the small American team may not be attractive.

Gene Haas will be hard-pressed to sell the shop after the team boss (Gunther) Steiner was kicked out, he said.

He has already rejected three offers, and now he is going his own way at the bottom of the world championship, refusing to expand the company. Haas remains favourite for last place again.