JANUARY 29, 2024

2024 Ferrari feels better in simulator says Gene

Ferrari's new car for 2024 gives "better feelings" to the drivers, long-time test driver Marc Gene has revealed.

Carlos Sainz, United States GP 2023
© Ferrari

Red Bull utterly dominated the 2023 season, but Toto Wolff is making similarly hopeful sounds about Mercedes' new challenger, revealing simulation driver Anthony Davidson reports it feels like a car for the first time in two years.

And now, 49-year-old Gene - who is a brand ambassador for Ferrari who also still tests the team's F1 machines in the simulator - says he is in good spirits about the Maranello-based marque's prospects for 2024.

Will we see Ferrari fighting for the world championship? the Spaniard told El Mundo Deportivo.

It's difficult, because Red Bull had a very significant margin last year and they say that this year's car is better. They are the favourites, obviously, Gene admitted.

Fighting with them for the championship is a bit optimistic to predict, but to take one more step forward to be able to fight more with them? Yes, he said.

Marc Gene continued: "All we can say is what the simulator tells us, and what the feelings of the drivers are in the simulator. And it gives better feelings.

"The track, of course, is the one that rules - the final judge. But it is true that at this point a year ago, we were not completely convinced about the car from what the simulator told us.

And this year the feelings are very different. But we still have to wait to see the car on the track, he added.