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AUGUST 27, 2001

Marques to be retained until the end of the season

EUROPEAN MINARDI, while announcing the impending arrival of Alex Yoong in its race team, has also held faith with outgoing Brazilian Tarso Marques.

Team Principal Paul Stoddart announced that he would be remaining with the team as a test and reserve driver, putting in miles to develop the team's existing car and building towards new engines - likely to be either Ferrari or Ford - and new hope in 2002

"He has been a great team player and has done everything asked of him this season, for which we thank him," said Stoddart. "He will be retained by European Minardi F1 as test and reserve driver and, as such, will be assisting with the development of the 2002 car."

Marques himself has few complaints about being stood down from race duty, despite the occasional spat with the team, which he has claimed gave preferential treatment to Fernando Alonso. "I understand the team needs money to continue and if they can get it from another driver then that is what they have to do," he said recently. "It will be good for them. I understand that".