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OCTOBER 9, 1995

Verstappen looking to Ligier

JOS VERSTAPPEN did not test a Ligier last week as had been planned because of a lack of Mugen Honda V10 engines. The Dutchman is expected to get a run in the car soon, and some rumors have even suggested that he might take over MartinÊBrundle's drive at the Australian GP. Such a deal will involve the Dutchman bringing money to Ligier.

Verstappen remains a possible Ligier driver for 1996 and he is rumored to have landed considerable backing to secure a drive from Dutch electronics company Philips.

Philips has funded much of Verstappen's short career, notably in Formula Opel Lotus in 1992 and Formula 3 in 1993, but the company was been unable to pour vast sums into his career because of serious losses in the early 1990s. That process is now nearly complete and Philips is expanding again with purchases such as Motown Records.

Verstappen's links at the Philips record companies (A&M Records, Motown and Polygram) might also provide interesting cross-marketing possibilities for MTV - which supported Jos when he was with Simtek. MTV is expected to return to F1 next year and the deal had been mentioned in connection with Ligier, although Jordan was the favorite.