Sixty years for Ferrari road cars

This year is the 60th anniversary of Enzo Ferrari's entry into the production car business with the Ferrari 125 Sport. This was not actually the first road car that Ferrari had built, as his Auto Avio Costruzioni company built an 815 in 1940, but it was the first car to bear the Ferrari name. Only two of the cars were built before the new 159 S followed and neither of the cars exist, having been dismantled and cannibalised for later models. A replica was built by Michelotto in 1987.

To celebrate the anniversary there is to be road rally, beginning in Abu Dhabi on January 28 which will cover all six continents, ending in June in Maranello. Abu Dhabi has been chosen as it is the site of the new Ferrari theme park and an important market for the Italian firm. The Ferraris involved will visit 50 different countries.

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