Toyota gives FIA Institute a chassis

Panasonic Toyota Racing will present a Toyota TF105 show car to the FIA Institute at the inaugural FIA Institute Safety Summit at the Paul Ricard circuit on January 18, 2007. The F1 car presented by Toyota will be a tool for the FIA Institute's international extrication training programme for medical and safety officials working in single seater racing. The TF105 car will be used to improve techniques of driver extrication following accidents, and has been specially modified with a jig fitted to allow the FIA Institute to easily roll the car upside down, while the roll hoop camera has been removed. It features a modified driver's seat to fit a crash test dummy into the cockpit and a dummy steering wheel. Instead of an engine, a steel frame has been included in the rear of the car to simulate the size and weight of a Formula 1 engine. The car features Bridgestone tyres and Takata safety restraints in line with Toyota's 2007 specifications.

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