Mercedes V8 troubles

Although Mercedes-Benz is saying that everything is in order the rest of the F1 circus is picking up the vibes that there are serious problems with the new engine and even Kimi Raikkonen is now beginning to make complaining noises that the Stuttgart company's engine-makers are not where there need to be. Raikkonen tried out the new car in Barcelona and found that it was not on the pace.

"I was expecting nothing before I came, so I knew we have issues with certain stuff, but we are going to get there and there is going to be some improvement. The biggest part of the problem is the engine. They are not where they should be and they need to improve. On the engine side we have a lot of work to do."

Raikkonen suffered a number of engine problems last year, which caused him difficulties in the World Championship.

Raikkonen's contract at McLaren expires at the end of this season and there is speculation that he will take off to Ferrari.

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