Silverstone adds 8900 seats

The Silverstone circuit has announced plans to add 8,900 new grandstand seats for the British Grand Prix in June. The circuit is putting up new grandstands in the premium viewing areas, notably at Luffield (where there will be 4,000 new grandstand seats), Copse and Stowe. As the number of tickets will be limited to 100,000 this should mean that the general admission areas which be less crowded than they have been in the past. The new grandstand seats will, of course, add to the revenues as the best grandstand seats at Silverstone retail for around $400 which means that the potential additional income is in the region of $350,000. Obviously the temporary grandstands will cost money to erect but it will nonetheless add to the circuit's revenues and help the event make money.

The track is confident that the tickets will sell.

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