When do we get a decision from Silverstone

A month ago the British Racing Drivers Club was close to a decision on who it will partner with to redevelop the Silverstone circuit. A list of possible candidates had been reduced to three and a decision was due. But since then things have gone quiet. A decision may have been taken but for reasons which are not entirely clear Silverstone is not saying anything about the project. The pressure is growing on Silverstone to get things moving. The announcement from Italy that Imola is to undergo a major rebuild later this year is long overdue but means that now Silverstone is once again back in the firing line to get its programme of upgrading work done. Formula One Management has already made it clear that if the work is not done there will not be a new British Grand Prix contract with Silverstone after 2009. Having said that things are complicated by the fact that the majority of the teams are insistent that there be a British GP and that the Concorde Agreement apparently protects certain "historical events". The details of these arrangements are not clear because of the sport's insistence that the Concorde Agreement remain a confidential document.

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