The Formula 1 teams show their muscle

The Formula 1 teams have decided that they do not care what Ferrari does and have agreed that they will have their own limitation on testing of 30 days. This is not unexpected. The restriction will be for two cars a day at only one circuit rather than multiple tracks. Ferrari can go on testing but the teams reckon that this will undermine any success that the Italian team will enjoy as it will be working with an unfair advantage.

The anti-Ferrari alliance from the Brazilian GP last year, which many preached would not last has lasted and the only change to the plan was an increase of six days in testing because Honda wanted that. It is impressive that the teams have been able to maintain the unity even with that problem to sort out.

The other point to emerge from the meeting at the Hilton at Heathrow is that the teams are in no rush to sign any deals with Bernie Ecclestone, despite the fact that he has done a deal with Ferrari and the FIA to extend the current Concorde Agreement. The nine team bosses and Ecclestone have also asked the FIA to postpone a meeting planned for Friday at which there were plans to discuss major regulations changes. There is a certain irony in this as the FIA cancelled a key meeting that had been planned in December thus making it impossible for a new tyre restriction to happen in 2006. The FIA is going to propose a number of big changes including a single tyre supplier, furter reductions in aerodynamic downforce and even rev limits on the cars. In addition to that the federation wants two-day race meetings and no spare cars. These are all being put forward as cost-saving measures.

The teams all signed a letter saying that it would be premature to discuss Mosley's new cost-cutting proposals and want to talk after the first three races.

The FIA says that it will not cancel the meeting but it is not clear who will turn up.

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