Stoddart meets Mosley

Paul Stoddart meets Max Mosley this afternoon to discuss the unhappiness that exists amongst the F1 team owners with some of the decisions made in recent years by the FIA and the hope is that the meeting will result in a new understanding between the teams and the federation. Much of the friction comes from Mosley's decision in December to cancel the meeting of the Formula 1 Commission which meant that the teams could not push through a new tyre rule designed to cut costs and improve safety. Ferrari has refused to agree to the change, aiming to maintain the special relationship which exists between the team and Bridgestone and Mosley decision meant that nothing could be done. This caused uproar amongst the teams and Stoddart's meeting with Mosley is to try to clear the air a little before the big meetings next week at which Mosley will propose a raft of new regulations which sources say will aim to cut costs more.

Stoddart is not talking about the meeting but news of the encounter has been leaked to The Times, presumably leaked by someone who wants to disrupt the attempt to find a solution.

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