How race fans can best help the tsunami victims

Formula 1 race fans can help tsunami victims and at the same time enjoy their favourite sport. This win-win situation has come about because the governments in the affected areas have sufficient aid and are now asking that tourists do not desert them and thus bring about economic problems in the future. So if you are feeling charitable, buy yourself a ticket to Malaysia and go and watch the race - and you will be helping. The damage to the tourist trade has been restricted to a very narrow area of coastline and many of the original facilities are undamaged. This is particularly true at the Thai resort of Phuket where 80% of the hotel rooms are undamaged but are currently empty because tourists have turned their backs on the region. The danger is that unless the tourists return quickly many of the facilities will have to close.

Tickets to the Malaysian GP are among the most reasonable of the year.

Treat yourself and help out!

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