Sauber unable to run third car

The Sauber Petronas team has let it be known that once again it has no intention of running a third car on Fridays because it does not have the budget to necessary and wants to use all its resources on running the two race cars. This is not surprising given that the team has no sponsorship to replace Red Bull and the other sponsors have not altered their investment (at least not when one compares the 2005 livery with that of last year).

This must mean that there is a big hole in the Sauber team budget. Finding something in the region of $10m to fill the space left by Red Bull may not be that difficult a task, given that there is a lot of space on the Sauber and the team has done pretty well in recent seasons but one has to ask if Peter Sauber did not have enough cash to run a third car last year, how is he intending to have enough this year unless a new deal is in the wind.

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