Troubles at Silverstone

The board of the British Racing Drivers Club has voted Ray Bellm out of his role as chairman in what appears to be a dispute between Bellm and BRDC president Jackie Stewart over the terms of the contract for the British Grand Prix. According to an obviously-leaked story to the Bloomberg news service, the board voted 6-4 in favour of dumping Bellm at a meeting yesterday. The root of the problem appears to be the deal with Ecclestone which Bellm negotiated last month which secured the Grand Prix for a five year period and, according to a statement at the time, did not pose a "serious threat to the finances of the BRDC".

As part of that announcement, issued jointly by Bellm and Stewart the pair said that they hoped that the agreement would herald "a more stable and secure future for the race and consequently for our industry and sport in the United Kingdom". Now it seems that relationship is on the rocks.

Bernie Ecclestone, the man who negotiated the deal for the Formula One group says that he is happy to tear up the contract that Bellm negotiated but he will not offer a new contract to the BRDC.

According to the Bloomberg story Stewart called for the vote after telling the board that he and Bellm could no longer work together as chairman and president.

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