Dubai to host F1 style winter series

The Dubai authorities have announced plans for a new winter championship to fill the winter months. Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum Al Maktoum, the nephew of the Crown Prince of Dubai, told the Reuters newsagency that the series, to be called A1 will start in the autumn of 2005 and will host races for cars built by Lola with 3.5-litre engines prepared by the Langford company. A deal has been struck for the companies to build 30 cars. The series will boast $2m in prize month. The aim is to have races in Asia, Africa, Arabia and Australia.

The cars will be simple and cheap with no electronic systems with the aim being to allow the drivers to show their talent. The aim is to have between nine and 18 races during the offseason.

The move is likely to be welcomed by F1 as it will help build up the sport without being a threat as the one-make championship will be more along the lines of Formula 3000 than a rival to F1.

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