Renault launches today

The Renault Formula 1 team decided for some odd reason to launch its new car in Palermo, Sicily. The Italian authorities are happy to turn a blind eye to tobacco rules so long as teams pay a small fine so there is some logic in launching in Italy but having the unveiling 1000 miles from Milan makes little sense, particularly when the new car has already been seen running in testing in Barcelona. The team will unveil its latest livery which will feature continued backing from Mild Seven and Elf with additional sponsorship from Telefonica and additional sponsorship from the Guru clothing company.

The R24 is the work of the same group of engineers who built last year's car although the new 72-degree engine is a big change. Since the car was designed however Mike Gascoyne and John Iley have both left the team, although their departures will probably not hit the team fully until the 2005 car appears.

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