Ross's little day trip

Ross Brawn

Ross Brawn 

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Ferrari technical director Ross Brawn last week had a day off from Ferrari in order to tour Bridgestone Europe's Technical Centre on the outskirts of Rome. Brawn was there to look at the technical facilities to see what might be possible for Bridgestone at the site, while at the same time developing relationships with Bridgestone.

Brawn also lectured young engineers and went for a spin on the wet handling track at the facilities after being a passenger for a few laps with former F1 driver Stefano Modena, who is now the official Bridgestone tyre test driver. The visit also included a visit to the new Proving Ground which is due to be officially opened later this year.

"Perhaps one day our facilities here may have a role to play in future collaborations between our two companies," said the centre's managing director Alberto Laurenti.

The proving ground will feature a new high-speed track which is aimed at enhancing the company's ability to design top-performing tyres whether this would include Formula 1 is not clear.

The technical centre is at Castel Romano, 15 miles to the south of Rome, so the weather might be a little better than at the Ferrari test tracks at Fiorano and Mugello which are 200 miles further to the north.

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