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Ferrari F2004

Ferrari F2004 


Although the Ferrari F2004 is an evolution of the successful F2003 GA it has been completely revised with each part being looked at to see if improvement is possible, particularly in relation to the change in the engine regulations. The aerodynamic configuration has been changed because of the change in the technical regulations but Ferrari aerodynamicists have been working round the clock to regain any performance that has been lost and keep the package as efficient as possible. The car has a slightly lower centre of gravity thanks to changes in the engine.

A lot of work has gone into the suspension front and rear to improve the handling, which is very important when it comes to getting the most out of the tyres.

The transmission is a completely new design, reducing the size and weight of the unit and it has been made of cast titanium. The car features a number of new materials which the team is obviously not keen to discuss while other improvements have come from improving the quality control of the Ferrari factory.

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