Ferrari to pay for Sauber third car?

It is rumoured in Switzerland that Ferrari has made an offer to pay Sauber to run a third car in tests on Fridays at each Grand Prix. It is said that the drive will go to Ferrari's test driver Luca Badoer who will be able to help both teams with his feedback about tyres. The job of a third driver is vital in 2004 as it will be his responsibility to set up the cars and make important tyre choices, thus allowing the regular drivers to do the minimum necessary running so as to avoid putting too many miles on their engines, which must be used for the entire weekend.

At the launch of the Sauber recently Peter Sauber said that he had no plans to have a third driver because he did not have the money he needed. sauber said that it would cost him $5m to run an extra car at all the races.

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