Verstappen's F1 career in over... or is it?

Jos Verstappen

Jos Verstappen 

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There has been much talk today of Jos Verstappen having given Jordan Grand Prix a deadline of close of business to day to take up his offer of sponsorship for 2004. Jordan has ignored the deadline and thus if Verstappen is serious about it, his Formula 1 career is over.

This does not make sense.

Verstappen wants to stay in Formula 1 and if he does not get a Jordan run this year there is little hope that he will be back in the future. Jordan is quite happy to run with Jos but it seems that negotiations have stalled over what Verstappen's sponsors will get for the money they are planning to invest. At the centre of all the talk is Trust Computer boss Michel Perridon who seems to think that money will buy whatever you want in Formula 1. Perridon does not seem to understand that when there is only one seat left one is not really in a position to bargain as Jordan can get a fair amount of money from other sources and does not need to worry about the Dutch. Obviously Jordan would like as much money as possible but he is not going to give away more space on the car than he feels the sponsorship is worse.

It will be interesting to see whether the deal really is off or whether Verstappen will now turn around and try to find a way back into F1. Jordan is happy to wait although as the season draws closer and closer there is a need to name names so that the drivers can get used to the cars.

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