Jordan and Verstappen: now what?

A couple of days ago the deal was virtually done, but the difficult relationship between Jos Verstappen and his supporters and Jordan Grand Prix continues with the decision by the team that the Dutchman will not now be testing this week. This is a blow for Verstappen as the team is not now due to test until the new car arrives in February and that means that if he does eventually manage to get a deal together with the team, he will go into the new season without much testing.

The problem appears to be one of money. Verstappen has it but has nowhere else to spend it and Jordan is therefore in the driving seat in negotiations and can more or less dictate his terms. Obviously this does not appeal to Verstappen and his main sponsor Michel Perridon. The result appears to be considerable friction but as no-one else has the same kind of money as Jos and there is no option for the Dutchman, the two parties must continue to try to find a deal. In the meantime other drivers are scrambling around trying to put together deals to grab one of the two Jordan seats.

Nick Heidfeld will drive for the team today and on Friday.

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