Belgium, Britain and Spain threatened by European Arrest Warrant

The Formula 1 races in Belgium, Britain and Spain are in immediate danger because of their implementation of the latest European Arrest Warrant legislation. The Formula 1 teams have sent letter to the national sporting authorities warning that they want exemptions from the EU-wide laws because they are worried that team bosses could be extradited and imprisoned if a driver is killed at an Italian event. One can only presume that the Italians have also been warned (again) that they need to change the laws in Italy to stop the judiciary using its eccentric involuntary manslaughter legislation. This was the law under which members of the Williams teams were charged with manslaughter following the death of Ayrton Senna at Imola 10 years ago.

Team bosses have said repeatedly that they will not race in Italy unless the laws are changed but the power of Ferrari seems to have kept the Italian and San Marino GPs on the calendar, despite the fact that the Italian government has done nothing about modifying its laws.

The Automobile Club d'Italia is supposed to be lobbying the government to change the laws of Italy to get around the problem but thus far nothing has been done.

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