Two-seater F1 races on the way

Paul Stoddart's idea to run celebrity races with his two-seater F1 cars in 2004 looks like it is going to go ahead with one car per team, painted in team colours and driven by the regular third drivers, with a VIP guest in the back. The Formula 1 Celebrity Grand Prix will be a big bonus for race fans, helping to fill the dead time on Friday mornings when the 10-lap event will take place. This will include a compulsory pit stop which the teams will be able to use as practice for the race itself. It should also attract more A list celebrities to the F1 scene, drawn by the chance to be driven in F1 cars.

The new series will go ahead unless there is anyone unwilling to take part in the next 10 days. The teams are now checking with their sponsors that everyone is in agreement to a little extra publicity.

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