Williams unveils the FW26

Williams FW26

Williams FW26 


The BMW Williams F1 team has launched its new FW26 in Valencia, Spain and the team is hoping that the new car will take it to World Championship success in 2004, having narrowly missed out on the two World titles in 2003. The car is all new, a surprising step for the team given that the FW25 was so competitive.

"You cannot stand still or relax your development, said Williams chief designer, Gavin Fisher. "It will be immediately evident to onlookers that a high degree of innovative design has gone into the FW26. We were conscious that the inability to extract the full potential of the FW25 until well into the season was a significant contribution to our failure to win either championship. The earlier launch date for FW26 is a clear statement of our intent to be in a position to win from the first race onwards. There is a great deal of anticipation on our part about this new car. It is has challenged us throughout its development, and there is certainly a sense that the day that it runs for the first time will be more significant than launch days in previous years. All of the team members will be proud that they have made enormous efforts to push the performance of this car as far forward as possible, and that in doing so will have written the opening chapter in what will become a successful season."

The new car will begin testing immediately with drivers Juan Pablo Montoya, Ralf Schumacher and Marc Gene.

"We have acknowledged our shortcomings of 2003," said Frank Williams. "In 2004, we must be competitive from the off if we are to realize our potential. I have every confidence that the team has all the elements necessary to win in 2004 - we must simply seize the opportunity."

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