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FEBRUARY 26, 2003

Dennis and Williams go on offensive

F1 bosses Ron Dennis and Frank Williams have responded to FIA president Max Mosley's most recent letter to the two with a further threat of arbitration over the recent F1 rule changes imposed by the governing body.

In a response to Mosley's letter on Monday in which he criticized the two team bosses for being "unfocused" and "destabilising the FIA Formula 1 World Championship", Dennis and Williams reaffirmed their belief that the FIA is in breach of contract by not seeking agreement of all the teams regarding the rule changes, and set a deadline of the close of business Wednesday for the FIA to do so, or they will push forward with Arbitration proceedings.

"We believe that the FIA is in breach of contract, we disagree with a number of the changes you have imposed and we are concerned that the F1 Technical Working Group members have expressed a view that the changes could increase the safety risk."

Dennis and Williams also mentioned in their most recent letter that they are willing to meet privately with the FIA to discuss the matter.