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FEBRUARY 21, 2003

Mosley: "A storm in a tea cup"

The FIA President Max Mosley has played down the news that McLaren and Williams are going to go to arbitration over the federation's re-interpretation of the Formula 1 regulations. Mosley told The Guardian newspaper in London that "they are quite entitled to take the action they have" but added that "we regard the matter as something of a storm in a teacup."

Mosley said that the FIA had taken legal advice before embarking on its course of action and added that he was confident that the FIA would win the case, although it may be a year before the outcome of the case is known.

David Richards, the boss of BAR, told the newspaper that he was "horrified and absolutely astounded" that the teams had taken the stance they have.

"This is the last thing the sport needs at the moment," he said. "We should all be pulling together to make it a success."