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FEBRUARY 20, 2003

Dennis accuses of Mosley of being "dictatorial"

Speaking to the press after the announcement that McLaren and Williams will be challenging the FIA's reinterpretation of the Formula 1 rules, McLaren boss Ron Dennis claimed that FIA President Max Mosley has been too autocratic.

"There is no other mechanism by which we can change the process," he said.

Williams conceded that the arbitration will probably take at least a year but that the issue was one of principle but said that the two teams did not consult other teams because they felt that they would not be strong enough to challenge the FIA. When asked why no other teams were supporting the case, Williams said that it was a question of "bottle", suggesting that the other teams are not brave enough to attack the federation.

When asked whether they would pay to keep the smaller teams in business both Williams and Dennis declined to give a firm answer but Dennis did say that both teams had made Bernie Ecclestone an undertaking to protect the two teams which are under financial pressure. Dennis however made it very clear that he is not keen on funding Minardi saying that the Jordan and Minardi are not comparable, saying that Minardi boss Paul Stoddart has "little track record" in the sport.

Both team bosses also avoided the issue of whether or not this could lead to the early formation of a new series run by the GPWC, saying that they will abide by the Concorde Agreement.

"We are not looking to damage F1," Dennis said. "We are not looking to resist change. To evolve we need to have a stable, well-run, professional and impartial governing system."

Both men also underlined that while they agree with some of the changes they feel that the issue of safety is the most iimportant one.

"I don't think it is the right way to run our sport," said Dennis.