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FEBRUARY 13, 2003

Stoddart looking for help

We reported in January that Bernie Ecclestone proposed to the manufacturers that they set up a fund to ensure the smaller teams would not go the way of Prost and Arrows, and there would be ten teams on the grid in 2003, but Paul Stoddart said recently that nothing has come of the talks as of yet.

"We just need an agreement. It's nice to talk about it, but talking doesn't pay the bills," said the Minardi boss. "The commitment made in January was that there would be ten teams in Melbourne. If you go below ten the whole thing looks very Mickey Mouse."

Minardi is paying for their Cosworth engine supply this year, and has yet to sign a deal for a tire supply for 2003. It was reported that Bridgestone, the team's chosen supplier, wants a seven figure sum of money up front for tires for the coming season.