Rampf talks about the C22

"The C22 is my third car as Sauber Petronas technical director," says the team's technical director Willy Rampf, "and having followed the same design concept with the C20 and the C21 we decided that for the C22 we would go for a totally new construction we redefined the entire car from top to bottom. Everything from the nose to the rear wing is new and although the car's dimensions are only slightly changed its proportions are totally different. In comparison to the C21 the basic potential of the new car is much greater and so we hope that will mean that we can continuously improve the car as the season goes on and that it will help us challenge for fourth place in the Constructors' Championship. We know that there is a lot to come from the car and our aim is to not only to make the C22 more aerodynamically efficient but also to ensure that it will react sensitively from an aerodynamic point of view. That is very important. We went through a comprehensive series of calculations on the stability and some very thorough simulations and we confident that we will faster and faster ad we get to know more about the car. Already the drivers are saying that it is much more stable at the rear than the C21 so we have made a lot of progress."

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