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FEBRUARY 9, 2003

Albert Park in need of a drink

Less than a month out from the start of the Formula One season in Melbourne, Australia remains in the grip of a severe drought and Albert Park is parched.

Australian GP organizers have given priority, with the limited watering they have been able to do under the tight restrictions in place, to the verges between the track and the safety fences - for reasons of safety and presentation - and they are now quite green. The organizers feared the parched earth beside the track could quickly turn to mud if rain suddenly came and wayward cars were running over the verges. The water level in Albert Park Lake is about a metre lower than normal and this year, due to the restrictions, will not be given its traditional late-summer top-up to assist boating activity on the lake during the four-day GP carnival.

However, there has been a little good news for the GP organizers. There is a swimming pool and spa exhibition on just a couple of kilometers from the track and after it ends next weekend the 125,000 liters of water in the pools at that exhibition will be transported to Albert Park for watering purposes.