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JANUARY 29, 2003

Sauber wants more change

Peter Sauber says he thinks that the Formula 1 changes have not gone far enough and he would be happy to see a complete break with tradition so that the Formula 1 teams could buy chassis built by an independent racing car constructors such as Lola or Dallara. This would wipe out the need for millions of dollars to be spent on research and development. Sauber says that he thinks this would be best for the sport because it would place the emphasis back on who is the best driver.

"We could cut costs in Formula 1 drastically without the fans noticing anything," he says. "In fact, it's the opposite, the fans would profit from it."

Sauber said that he has had occasional talks with Volkswagen about Formula 1 but there are no concrete plans for any relationship in the immediate future.