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JANUARY 27, 2003

Television in Melbourne

The beginning of the Formula 1 season in Melbourne is keenly awaited by Formula 1 fans around the world but it is still unclear how the race is going to be televised. Our sources say that Bernie Ecclestone's Formula One Management TV crew is not being sent to Melbourne and that means that the only coverage will have to come from the host broadcaster.

The problem with this is that Australia does not have a host broadcaster at the moment. Channel Nine's deal ended last year and negotiations with Channel 10 have been slow, despite press leaks in Australia suggesting that the deal was done.

We hear that despite the deal not yet being inked Channel 10 is already well advanced on its planning for the event and has done a deal with sub-contractor Active Television, one of Australia's leading sports production companies, which has worked with Channel 10 for many years on the coverage of the Melbourne Cup horse race. In recent years Active has also run the Grand Prix's own TV service, which is known as GPTV so has experience in covering the event.

However everything remains on hold until a deal is struck between FOM and Channel 10.