Prost and Jaguar

In recent days there has been some rather silly stories suggesting that Alain Prost is not interested in running Jaguar Racing. This is good news because there is absolutely no sign that Jaguar Racing wants him to do that job. In fact Jaguar has no plans to have anyone in that job. The work is being carried out by Tony Purnell, the head of Ford's Premier Performance Group, and the new Jaguar managing-director David Pitchforth and the team's stated philosophy is to avoid high profile team principals and concentrate on doing a good job of the engineering.

Prost is thought to have been trying to drum up some interest to get another job in Formula 1 but there are no signs that the retired four-time World Champion is on anyone's shopping list. Prost's adventures as a team principal were not happy ones and his team went out of a business a year ago with massive debts.

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