More changes coming for the F1 timetable?

The new interpretation of the F1 regulations by the FIA will probably mean that the timetable for Grands Prix will be altered this year. There is already talk of the two afternoon sessions being pushed back to 14.00 rather than the current 13.00 start and with qualifying being just single runs there is pressure from the teams to allow for a brief 15 minute session between the free practice sessions and the qualifying to allow them to make sure that the cars are working properly before qualifying begins. There is also talk of a 15 minute session replacing the existing warm-up on Sunday mornings so that the cars can be given a once-over before the races as they will now be locked in parc ferme from the end odd qualifying until the start of the race. This will allow damage to be repaired and drivers to check that the cars are running OK without giving the teams time to change any major components.

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