GPWC meets today in Paris

The Grand Prix World Championship organization is due to have a meeting in Paris today to discuss further details of its planned rival series to Formula 1 in 2008. The timing of the meeting is rather odd in that most of the big wheels in the automotive industry are currently in Detroit for the North American International Automobile Show but as most of the GPWC principals are not the top men in the car companies this is apparently not a problem. The GPWC is expected to discuss the plans which have been formulated for the new series and one item which is likely to be on the agenda is the wisdom of running the series outside FIA regulation as several of the companies involved are apparently not keen on the idea.

The meeting comes as the F1 teams are bracing themselves for their meeting with Max Mosley next week at which it is expected there will be some dramatic new proposals for cost-cutting in F1.

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