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FEBRUARY 27, 2002

Dennis attacks FIA over Michelin decision

RON DENNIS is never backward in coming forward when it comes to complaining about the international automobile federation and in a letter to all the other team bosses has criticized the FIA for the way it handles the regulations in Formula 1. Dennis is particularly upset about FIA Max Mosley talking publicly about a new tire being developed by Michelin which featured asymmetric grooves. The federation has a different interpretation to the rules than Michelin, which was hoping to catch Bridgestone unawares with a system which it believes exploits a loophole in the regulations.

The argument appears to be that if Michelin was clever enough to find a way to get better performance within the rules then the company should be allowed to exploit that advantage. If the FIA does not like it then the loophole can be closed later. Dennis and Michelin are arguing that adopting a different interpretation is not fair.

FIA President Max Mosley says that it is a minor issue.

There are, however, others in the pitlane who feel the same way as Dennis but have decided to keep quiet to avoid a fight with the federation.