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JANUARY 29, 2002

Frentzen or Verstappen?

THERE are two experienced Formula 1 drivers, one of which might now be out of work following the announcement that Minardi has signed up new boy Mark Webber to be its team leader in 2002 and the demise of Prost Grand Prix. Both men have been in Formula 1 since 1994 but Verstappen is nearly five years younger than Frentzen, the German now being 34 and the Dutchman still only 29. Frentzen has been the more successful in terms of results with a win for Williams in 1997 and two for Jordan in 2000 which took him to third place in the World Championship.

Verstappen, on the other hand, has only managed a best result to date of third place - and that was way back at the start of his F1 career when he was Michael Schumacher's team mate at Benetton.

On the other hand Verstappen has been fairly constant in his F1 career while Frentzen has been known to be a rather more mercurial character.

In terms of money, neither driver is expected to cost the Arrows team anything in 2002 so this will not enter the equation.

There is a possibility that Arrows boss Tom Walkinshaw will try to pull off a coup by signing up both men for 2002 although one will have to start the year as a test driver as the team has confirmed Enrique Bernoldi as one of its drivers and his signing is believed to be linked to the team's sponsorship from the Austrian energy drinks company Red Bull.