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JANUARY 28, 2002

Further details on Prost Grand Prix

THE official liquidation of Prost Grand Prix means that Prost Grand Prix must now fold all its activities and sell off as many of the assets as it is able to try to raise as much money possible to pay the team's debts. Anything not sold will be publicly auctioned in a fortnight. The team invested heavily in machinery and some of this is likely to be quite valuable to rival F1 teams although the transportation of large items will obviously add to the costs. It is expected that some of the less well supplied teams will bid for the computerized machine tools and autoclaves.

Alain Prost says that he will do everything he can to make a comeback as an F1 team owner but there does not seem to be much that the Frenchman can do at the moment. It is possible that someone might take him on to help them promote their team as Prost remains a very high profile individual thanks to his four World Championship victories as a driver.

The obvious deal would be with Renault but the French manufacturer has not shown itself to be very keen on Alain in recent years.