Streiff fights on behalf of the handicapped in France

FORMER Formula 1 driver Philippe Streiff, who has been in a wheelchair since a series accident in March 1989 while testing an AGS F1 car in Rio de Janeiro, is campaigning in France to get more money for the handicapped. Streiff says that he can only get 60,000 Euros per year for medical attention and that this is not enough for his needs and the needs of people in similar situations.

Streiff says that unless the French government increases its contributions he will return his Legion d'Honneur.

The Frenchman says that 10 years ago money was not a problem because of what he had earned in Formula 1 but now he is reliant on aid from the state.

Streiff drove for AGS, Tyrrell, Ligier and on one occasion for the Renault factory F1 team.

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