Prost going to the wall

THE word on the street in Paris is that Prost Grand Prix is going to be liquidated on money, Alain Prost having failed to find a suitable package to save the team. This would mean that Prost himself will disappear from the F1 scene and Heinz-Harald Frentzen will be free to race for Arrows. It is thought unlikely that he will wait around any longer to see if there is to be a buyer for the assets of Prost. However the Prost-Ferrari package was obviously enticing enough to keep him from doing a firm deal with Arrows and so there might be some value in waiting to see as Heinz-Harald's salary this year is being paid by Jordan Grand Prix whether he races or not. "We do not have all the assurances that would allow us to continue under better conditions," Prost said on Friday, "but I will have fought to the end."

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