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JANUARY 22, 2002

What, Eddie, no launch?

EDDIE JORDAN is always one for surprises but the team's decision to finish off the new car and go running with it without even announcing a launch date (and so presumably not planning to spend any money on glitter) is both a good sign and a bad sign for the team.

The good sign is that the important issue is being addressed. The only thing that matters is performance and if the Jordan has it, the team will be the golden boys and girls again. That is the way in Formula 1. Practicality has not been E Jordan's strong point in recent years but now that Gary Anderson is back in the fold (where he joins other no-nonsense engineers like Tom Holloway and David Brown) can only be a good thing. They believe that the results should do the talking - and that is great.

The bad news is that some people will assume that no launch means no money. Expect that there will be something at some point, but it will not be anything with dancing girls or the Albert Hall.

The other good news is that the team press release quoted both technical director Eghbal Hamidy and head of test and race engineering Gary Anderson. The relationship between the two at Stewart Grand Prix a few years back was short-lived but the pair have been working together for a couple of months so that is a good sign.

Now all that is needed is a quick car and Jordan will be back on the warpath again - and then no one will be able to keep him quite.