Stewart gives thanks

SIR JACKIE STEWART and the British Grand Prix lobby have given thanks to the local community for the support received in the Northamptonshire circuit's continued bid to retain its Formula 1 event.

Speaking at Silverstone in front of British transport minister John Spellar and local members of parliament and civic figures, Stewart said: "I have never seen such tremendous response from the people who had been called upon for their support."

South Northamptonshire Council brought forward its road building agenda to assist the BRDC president and Octagon chief Rob Bain prior to the December 14 meeting of the FIA World Council to ensure that there was

Subsequently Bain put forward a $5 million bond to the FIA that will be forfeited if access to Silverstone continues to create problems. A number of longtime tenant businesses have been served with eviction notices so that their premises may be flattened to make way for hard standing car parks - to be charged at $60 per car - in order to help avoid the traffic bedlam that has been a feature of the event since 1948.

The four-lane A43 road that passes the circuit gate is due for completion on June 28, just days before the event, and the pressure is now squarely on the local council to ensure that there are enough clear routes for the traffic to disperse to the M1 and M40 motorways.

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