Frentzen and Prost

A spokesperson for Prost Grand Prix has said that the team has no contract or written agreement with Heinz-Harald Frentzen to drive for them in 2002. It was believed that Prost had an option for Frentzen's services in 2002, after he joined the team midyear 2001 after being fired from Jordan.

"He is not bound to us in a legal way to my knowledge," said Virginie Papin. "We have no option with him and he has not signed an agreement from what I understand. He is just willing to wait for us. He is in close touch with Alain on the phone and everything is ready, he just has to sign something. It is a miracle that he is still waiting so close to the start of the season."

Frentzen's loyalty may be with Alain Prost, but the Grand Prix winner knows his services are also wanted at Arrows, so he can afford to wait.

As for Prost's future, the decision of the receiver assigned to asses whether the team should be able to continue, or liquidate to pay its debts, will be made in the next day or two. Alain Prost met with receivers Monday to discuss the team's latest buy-out offer.

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