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JANUARY 20, 2002

Minardi unveils Go KL logo

IN a dramatic ceremony in Kuala Lumpur Sunday, complete with base jumpers and fireworks, Minardi unveiled its new "Go KL" emblem that will adorn the Minardis' sidepods and engine covers during the coming season. The team also displayed, on three twin seater chassis, logos for new team sponsors BSA and Admiral, as well as for returning sponsor Magnum Corporation Berhad.

It was estimated that 60,000 people attended the event in front of Petronas towers, including Malaysian deputy prime minister Dr Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, and the Minister of Youth and Sports, Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.

Paul Stoddart said at the event, "As a Grand Prix team owner, it's perhaps not surprising to discover that I believe the sport offers a platform for creating global awareness that is second to none."

"The 'Go KL' emblem that our team will carry proudly to Formula One races this year is a symbol of Kuala Lumpur's desire to let the world know that it is the gateway to a fast-growing center for tourism, sport, international commerce and the development of high-technology industries."