Ex-Ligier man killed on Dakar

A few days ago there were reports of "a Toyota mechanic" having been killed in an accident on the Arras-Dakar Rally. It has now emerged that the victim was 54-year-old Daniel Vergnes, who was the boss of the Le Mans-based Promotion Racing Team organization, whose organization was responsible for the preparation of all the Toyota Trophy Land Cruisers entered in the event.

Vergnes was a Ligier mechanic for 10 years before setting up his own business in Le Mans, preparing sportscars and GT cars. He worked closely with Henri Pescarolo to prepare the Blue Elephant-sponsored Courage-Porsche C50 which was raced in 1999.

Vergnes was killed when the back-up vehicle in which he was travelling suffered a tire failure on the 12th stage of the rally between in Mauretania. Three members of his organization who were travelling with him were injured in the crash.

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