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JANUARY 8, 2002

His appointed MD of Renault F1 France as Contzen reassigned

JEAN-JACQUES HIS will take over as Managing Director of Renault F1 France on March 1 this year, the day of first practice for the opening Grand Prix of the season in Melbourne. The talented French engineer who pioneered pneumatic valve F1 engine technology back in the mid-1980s, will take over from Christian Contzen who has decided to step aside from his long term commitment and let a new team take up Renault's ambitious challenge of winning in F1 with its own works team.

In announcing the change to the workforce at the Renault F1 plant at Viry-Chatillon, near Paris, Faire - the executive Vice President of Renault and Chairman and Chief Executive of Renault F1 - said Contzen would take a crucial new role to be announced soon.

He added; "Christian Contzen is the architect of Renault's success in F1. He largely contributed to the eleven world championship titles for drivers and constructors, won during the 1992/97 period. And even more so, he succeeded in keeping the team's potential intact during the technology watch period prior to Renault's return to F1."